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Free Nulled XenForo Importers 1.1.0 Released Mới Nhất 1.1.0

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XenForo Importers 1.1.0 hiện có sẵn cho tất cả các khách hàng được cấp phép tải xuống. Nếu bạn đã hoàn thành việc nhập của mình, bạn sẽ không cần nâng cấp.

Một số thay đổi trong XFI 1.1.0 bao gồm:
Điều chỉnh cụm từ nhỏ khi cấu hình nhập khẩu.
Khi giải mã các thực thể HTML sử dụng html_entity_decode thay vì htmlspecialchars_decode
Âm thầm bỏ qua avatar thất bại trong quá trình nhập khẩu.
  • Small phrase adjustments when configuring imports.
  • When decoding HTML entities use html_entity_decode instead of htmlspecialchars_decode
  • Silently skip failed avatars during imports.
  • vBulletin: Fix for importing thread subscriptions.
  • vBulletin: Import user visible state.
  • vBulletin: Fix undefined index error when importing posts from vBulletin 5.
  • vBulletin: Move avatarrevision check so that database avatars are not skipped.
  • vBulletin: Maintain user visibility preferences for users.
  • vBulletin: Adjust forum subscription defaults so that alerts are not automatically enabled unless emails are.
  • vBulletin: Wrap post titles in PLAIN tags to avoid weird BB code parsing when prepending to the message.
  • vBulletin: When importing notices, ensure we import "correct" date/time criteria.
  • vBulletin: When decoding htmlspecialchars handle user field values stored as arrays properly.
  • vBulletin: When importing forums, ensure the require_prefix option is brought over.
  • vBulletin: Handle a potential undefined index error if no super moderators were imported.
  • vBulletin: When counting string lengths, do so using utf8_ functions.
  • vBulletin: Attempt to include a quoted user's new user ID in quotes, if available.
  • vBulletin: Order posts by postid as well dateline.
  • vBulletin: Carry over email_on_conversation setting.
  • vBulletin: Handle bbcode.options field not being available in vBulletin 3.6.
  • vBulletin: Import custom_title from customtitle instead of usertitle.
  • vBulletin: Refactor string/BB code handling methods so they can be re-used in other places such as PM text and user signature.
  • vBulletin: Fix typo in permission map which may have left nodes unviewable after import.
  • vBulletin: Improve performance and memory usage of particularly large thread imports.
  • vBulletin: Update the explain text related to blogs import configuration.
  • vBulletin: If duplicate user upgrade/paid subscription records are imported, attempt to merge them.

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